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Acrylic Coasters For Cross Stitch

This is a beautiful cross-stitch fabricated set of Acrylic coasters, they are cork-backed with a dutch pattern, and are finished with a little make-up. They are like new.

Cross Stitch Coaster Kits

This cross stitch coaster kit includes 10 coasting stitches For an 80 mm insert, the kit includes supplies: a needle, a file, and a cross stitch engine. The coaster kit can be created in any color you want, and the company offers different finishes to choose from, we have these Coasters that are 80 mm in diameter and we want to make a cross stitch with an 10 blank round Coasters For cross stitch. How to do it? 1, cut a stone forme with a message like "coaster face up" on it. Place the stone forme on the top of the Coasters and inset an 80 mm insert, machine or the insert before stitching. Enjoy your new cross stitch! This cross stitch coaster kit includes 10 cross stitch coaster pieces that are 80 mm in diameter, they are each filled type of red, purple and yellow cross stitch coaster pieces. The set also includes a tool, this cross stitch coaster extends 10 murray coasting cross in different colors. The Coasters are made of 100% wool and are designed to ensure a smooth and secure cross stitch experience.