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Brightneedle Cross Stitch

This cross stitch booklet renders a few features: 1, cross stitch tips included 2. 20 pages of cross stitch tips 3, this booklet is full of beautiful cross stitch tips and templates 4. You'll find many tips and templates waiting for you when you get your hands on cross stitch leaflet 62.


Brightneedle Charted Designs #36 Christmas

By Brightneedle Charted Designs


Leaflet 62 Brightneedle 2003 Liz Knudsen Ann Pettit

Bless the Cooks Cross Stitch

By Brightneedle


Pattern Chart Knudsen Pettit




Chart Pattern
Chart 2002

Bright Needle Tall Trees Cross

By Bright Needle


Leaflet ~ The Sampler Sampler ~ Lovely Old-fashioned Style

Designer cross stitch leaflet ~

By Brightneedle


Brightneedle Designs Oh My Stars! & Lyna Pin Cushion Dames of the Needle

Brightneedle Designs Oh My Stars!

By Brightneedle & Dames of the Needle


Best Brightneedle Cross Stitch

This cross stitch pattern is for the cross stitch book, it is a little one for a young one. They will appreciate the fun and fun simple cross stitch chart, the card is left open with a bright needle flying across the text on the card. The card is furthermore left with a bright needle in the center of the card, this bright needle provides interest and beauty on any gift card design. This cross stitch chart will help you as you cross stitch a heart on a white fabric, the chart is full of patient and enabled cross stitch techniques. You will also find helpful tips and tips on how to cross stitch this heart on a green or black fabric, this cross stitch pattern is for four friends sets across the four colors. Each set includes: -one cross stitch pattern -1 set of -a set of stl files.