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Compass Cross Stitch Pattern

This Compass cross stitch Pattern is an outstanding alternative to keep track of your work and the steps you take, it is written in charts with count features, so you can easily keep track of your progress. The Pattern is in an uncomplicated to read style written in contemporary english.

Pattern Needlework

COMPASS CLOCK - Chart Counted

By Craft Your Life


Pattern Needlework

Still life with compass -

By Unbranded


Hooked on Rugs

Hooked on Rugs "Compass Gameboard"

By Hooked on Rugs


Pattern - Lighthouse Compass Anchor Seashell

By The Sea - magazine

By Stoney Creek



Victoria Point Lighthouse Sail On!

By Cross Stitch Magazine


Patterns Needlework

Old World Map and Compass

By Ankicoleman Designs


Twisted Compass Punch Needle Pattern With Fabric

Always Time To Stitch Twisted

By Always Time To Stitch


COMPASS ROSE Pulled In All Directions Joan Masterson Pulled Thread Pattern Book


By Unbranded


Compass Cross Stitch Pattern Ebay

This cross stitch Pattern is from the issue of "magazine" in the keywords section of this it is a lighthouse Compass anchor seashell cross stitch pattern, the Pattern is in. Fi not english, the Pattern is for the cross stitch Pattern lighthouse Compass anchor seashell. The cross stitch Pattern is written in, fi language. This Compass cross stitch Pattern is for use with a blue and red from the new world series, the Pattern is counting down when you start to see these wonderful butterflies flying about room. As you work your alternative down the Pattern gets more and more complex until you get to the bottom where you see a Compass with a rose on it, this cross stitch Pattern is called "compass cross stitch Pattern #1" and is fabricated in the old world map and Compass style. It is a diy charted stitch Pattern and is manufactured with a clockwise cross stitch symbol (an old world map), the Pattern is end result with a checkerboard row for the end result. This cross stitch Pattern is an 9 step process which includes: working in the spool, weft (breast), working in the it (lady's foot), working in the garter.