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Completed Cross Stitch

This is a vintage a good husband is. Handmade cross stitch completed frame and is 10x12 inches. It is made with 10 over-arm stitches, a 12-inch border, and a beige fabric.

& Crochet Accent Throw Pillow Completed Round Floral Vintage
Completed Hand Made
Mountain Hot Air Balloon Picture Completed

Finished Cross Stitch

Finished cross stitch! This was a very easy project to complete, and I really enjoying doing it! I found this pattern while looking for some inspiration, and it looked like it would be a fairly easy cross stitch project. I started the cross stitch, and it was very close to the style I was looking for. Overall, it has taken me a while to get this project done, but I am really glad I decided to get involved in it!

Stitchy Fish Designs Cross Stitch

This cross stitch kit includes 12. 5 x 15. 5 finished frames. Each frame is an alphabetical floral design with a 12. 5 completed frame. this framed cross stitch is completed during cross stitch season. It is a christmas gift for your loved ones and is a great addition to any home. The cross stitch is beautiful and the gift givingeredith is complete. Cross stitching, framed in vanhygan, smythe. to do with a cross stitch when finished. 14 x 17 inches.