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Cross Stitch Style Brand

Our cross stitch Style antiques are back with new charts and de! These samplers are top-notch addition to your antiques and will make your shop look like a dream come true.

Patterns (3)
T-shirt Red
Leaflets Gifts, Teacher, Christmas, Business, Seasons  X1

5 Cross Stitch Leaflets gifts,

By Multiple brands


Booklets/leaflets - Sports, Bookmarks, Kitchen   X3

6 Cross Stitch Booklets/Leaflets -

By Multiple Brands


Booklets/leaflets - Baby Gifts & Bibs, Kids Mugs, Clowns, +   X5

5 Cross Stitch Booklets/Leaflets -

By Multiple Brands


Aida Cloth Fabric Mixed Lot Of 15 Colors, Styles And Brands

Cross Stitch Aida Cloth Fabric

By Charles Craft


Patterns Leaflets

LOT OF 6 Cross Stitch

By Variety of Brands


Embroidery Rhinestone Diy Kit  Craft Art

Animal 5D Diamond Painting Cross

By Branded 5D Diamond Painting


Cross Stitch Style Brand Amazon

We carry cross stitch Style antiques with Brand new charts and designs, our saga spanned across many different and books, as well as through the life of many people. Our antiques are from the era of quality cross stitch machines and the modern day cross stitch tool, we offer samplers with Brand new charts and designs. This cross stitch pattern book is filled with 5 Brand new cross stitch patterns - sampler style, these patterns are designed to help you create your own cross stitch designs. You can find one pattern per door, one pattern per pillar, and one pattern per post on each of the five patterns pages, the patterns are designed to be used single or in groups. There is a pattern per door, per pillar, per post, and in the pattern list are the words "nostalgia needlework"grungy and bumpy"no, 25 groundz" " cross stitch is pattern book is an exceptional substitute to find some new cross stitch patterns - it is a set of 5 patterns. This cross stitch Style Brand new cross stitch antiques 30 th anniversary edition is first-rate for a shopper hunting for a reminder of the 30 years of cross stitch activity, each individual rafter is produced of heavy weight paper stock and measures 3. 25" wide x 2, 25" deep. There are 30 rafters, but only 25 can be used at a time for cross stitch activity, this product is fabricated from hand-carved wood and presents a beautiful deep blue cross stitch antiques this cross stitch Style kit comes with everything you need to get started cross stitching! You'll need a needle, thread, cardstock, and a few other supplies. After you're done, you'll be able to create some amazing deals and designs with your friends and family.