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Size Hoop For 5x7 Cross Stitch

The Size Hoop is exceptional For embroidering 5 x7 cross stitch designs on a large or a large heart, this Hoop is fabricated of durable materials that will last long with its high quality and beautiful design.

Size Hoop For 5x7 Cross Stitch Ebay

The Size Hoop For 5 x7 cross stitch designs is top-of-the-heap For making your designs famous! With this hoop, you can create internationalized designs with ease, the large sizes are peerless For five stitches per side, six stitches per side, and four stitches per side. The Size Hoop is alsomachine-friendly, making it effortless to construct, the Hoop is manufactured of sturdy plastic and is about 7" in diameter. The Size Hoop is straightforward to set up and is sensational For creating an immersive cross stitch design, the Hoop can be worked in two colors, black and white, or used as a basic design with different Size hoops. The Size Hoop is top For cross stitch projects that need a high degree of accuracy and consistency, with its abc designs floral cutwork machine embroidery font, you can be sure that you'll be able to create a beautiful font with every Size Hoop you need. This abc designs cross stitch font is terrific For an 5 x7 cross stitch hoop! It extends a floral cutwork style and is fabricated out of high quality materials, this font is enticing For any cross stitch build-up.