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Elephant Cross Stitch Baby Blanket

This is a completed cross stitch Baby Blanket for your baby's room, you can see the progress of this Blanket as it looms before you. The baby's eyes are the focus, and the birds and animals are inspired by the baby's face.

Best Elephant Cross Stitch Baby Blanket

This is a premier language version of the Elephant cross stitch Baby blanket, if you are struggling to cross stitch with your fingers then this kit is for you! The kit includes a Baby blanket, a boy Elephant cross stitch kit and a tutorial to help you cross stitch a Baby boy with all the details of an elephant! The Blanket is manufactured with 100% organic cotton and the boy is produced with 100% soft Baby cotton. The Blanket is sure to keep you warm and is prime for a warm winter day! The boy is even renders a hood to keep him warm! The Elephant cross stitch kit as well top for a beginner or a family that wants to cross stitch with their children! This kit includes: a luca-s counted cross stitch Baby blanket, a girl Elephant baby, a machine-stitch guide, and a step-by-step video, you can use the Blanket to create a simple design or a be the Baby can explore the world around her and learn about herself. This is a cross-stitched Blanket for your Baby that presents bear and Elephant symbols together, the flowers are in a small do-not-skip cross-stitch design. The Blanket is manufactured for Baby with a size 3-2 xh large family size, there is a basic bias for now and then, so there is room for growth. The Blanket is fabricated in the usa with the outstanding addition to child’s or adult’s blankets category, the Elephant cross stitch Baby Blanket is a fun and stylish alternative to add some personality to sett, with soft minky blankets over the eca and a grab and go design, this Blanket is valuable for facile stripping down to a simple set-up.